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Why the University Is the Great Startup Platform


Universities are a breeding ground for ideas. They gather together the best brains of the day and this has led to the advancement of research in most fields. Many famous young entrepreneurs have developed their ideas by mixing with other talented people, whether fellow students or lecturers. The best universities for entrepreneurs would be a very subjective list but suffice to say, college startups have become increasingly common in the age of the Internet and modern technology.

Students heading for university generally have an enquiring mind whatever their discipline and mixing with like-minded students and the lecturers suitably qualified in their subjects will always promote debate. Putting the entrepreneurial spirit into startup ideas has proved an enormous success for some of the world’s leading social media websites.

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In the USA and Canada, most entrepreneurial colleges can point to their success in producing the next generation of entrepreneurs. They do not need to discuss directly how to be an entrepreneur in college because they encourage investigation, research, and debate on a daily basis. A startup university is an ideal place for that for several reasons.

Free Time

Even though you will have lectures to attend and research to undertake, a few undergraduate courses demand a huge amount of your time. It is not like being a commuter at work with travelling morning and night and getting home tired. The environment is conducive to using your time on something new and exciting.

You will need to plan that time and set yourself targets if you are to succeed in moving your ideas forward as well as graduating in your chosen subject. It may not be an easy task but with the energy of youth, it is the best time to try to develop your plans for the future.

Access to Information and Resources

The Internet is great but as a student, you have even more resources at your disposal. They include fellow students, experts in your field of study and in areas that you may be exploring for your launch ideas. University libraries are a wonderful resource as well and you can use at any time.

A recent list published by Forbes identified a list of young entrepreneurs, still below the age of 30 with just one of the top 15 not a college graduate. The names came from a wide range of business sectors which supports the idea that the access college provides to people and information is invaluable.

As Risk-Free as It Gets

While you will not want to waste your money, you will have a student budget that should look after your living and educational expenses. Not having to worry about the rent and having to choose between competing demands on your money is a bonus as you look at your ideas of becoming an entrepreneur and creating a business from a general idea. There are likely to be plenty of friends around only too happy to help where needed, some with skills different from your own but essential in developing a strategy for moving forward. They will likely cost you nothing.

There is no other environment where so many disciplines are represented in one place for minimal if any cost.

Recent graduates may find themselves already committed to mortgages, even a wife and child, and the pressure of making their names early in their career. Each of those things can inhibit action and decision making.


Recent data reveals that in the last decade of the 20th Century, only about 5% of graduates opted to start in business by themselves. That figure jumped to 16% by 2011. The data was produced by the Association of Business Schools and business schools have realised that studies in entrepreneurship are becoming more and more relevant for students. There is still scope for more courses in that field and it seems certain that they will come. Equally certain is the fact that university and college study, in general, is of great benefit to anyone thinking of expanding an idea into a lifetime career.

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