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Why Philanthropy Is Good for Business?


Some small businesses and other corporate entities have figured out a great way to add more success to their portfolios, through charitable giving. While the heart of a business lies within building a customer base and making a profit, there are many unique benefits for businesses that support a charity. Philanthropy isn’t just something that is good for the people or the planet. It also offers a company big bonuses that can support its mission and business plan. Here are the reasons why philanthropy is good for business.

The Right Thing To Do

The top reason to support philanthropy is that it’s the right thing to do. Business leaders have the ability to support great charities and give back to their communities. While making money and achieving financial success does feel good, the act of regularly helping the poor, the vulnerable, and the downtrodden can make someone feel completely fulfilled. Making a difference in the world may give a business owner a greater sense of purpose in life. Repeated generosity, such as giving to charity periodically, makes people feel happy. This happiness is greater than the joy felt after receiving a gift.

Improves Company Recognition

Giving back and supporting a charity also helps a company improve its name recognition and brand awareness. Companies that regularly support different charitable organizations may be more well known than other ventures. In today’s world of social media, stories about businesses offering philanthropic support to different causes tend to be shared more than other corporate news. As more people find out about a company’s philanthropic work, the company’s brand gets a big boost.

Boosts Reputation

Companies that are known to support their communities and the people in them also experience a boost in their reputation. At some point in a business’s lifetime, it could get bad publicity or a negative review. The best way to fight negative feedback is to have plenty of positive, feel-good stories about the business. Getting out there and offering support to local charities and other philanthropies shows the company’s human side. It also carves out a reputation of kindness and positivity for a business.

Rallies Employee Morale

Just like business owners and the community benefit from corporate philanthropy, the employees of an organization also experience positive feelings with charitable giving. Employees who work for a company that helps make the world a better place may experience increased morale. The benefits of venture capitalist Mark Stevens charity giving is also felt by the staff members of the companies he leads, such as Nvidia.

Attracts Potential Customers

Businesses that have established a reputation for charitable giving and helping the world in times of crisis also attract more potential customers. In some ways, supporting philanthropy feels like an investment in the company’s future. It builds up the business’ reputation so that customers can associate the company with kindness and doing the right thing. Companies that have made charitable giving a big part of their mission have experienced boosts in sales and the number of new customers.

Offers Tax Benefits

Corporate charity also offers a company tax benefits. One way to take advantage of the financial benefits of supporting philanthropy is to claim a tax deduction for a charitable donation. It’s possible to get a deduction if a business gives to a qualifying organization. Businesses can claim the dollar amount of the donation if it’s cash, or they can claim the fair market value of the goods donated if it’s some other type of donation. Doing this helps a company save money on its taxes for the year due to lowering the overall taxable income of the corporation.

Allows for Free Advertising

Charity also offers an opportunity for a company to get free publicity for its good deeds. When an organization makes a big donation, there is often some sort of press release or news story accompanying it. The charity itself may create a publicity of the charitable donation for its own audiences. Instead of investing in a large advertising campaign, the company gets free, positive news stories on social media or television about its charitable work, which helps subtly spread the word about its products and services.

Supports the Community

Finally, the best reason to support a charity as a business is because it supports the community the company is part of. Doing business in a depressed community is a challenge, but a thriving business setting makes it easier to turn a profit. Companies should do whatever they can to ensure their local community has opportunities to thrive. There are many projects that businesses can support to improve the entrepreneurship and atmosphere in their town or city. Sometimes that means taking the lead and helping other organizations find their own successes.

Philanthropy and charitable giving are great ways to give a company a big boost in reputation, customer support, and employee satisfaction. Once a company is off to a good, successful start, it should begin considering how it will support its community in the form of philanthropy.

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