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How to improve the productivity of your startup team


Here you go! The result of your incredibly humongous efforts and “pursue your dreams” attitude finally paid off – you have managed to launch your own business, your startup. Regardless of how massive or on the contrary, small your startup is you will need to hire a team. People who you can trust with your work visions, those who can easily get on the same page with you, and of course who will have their heart and soul into what they are assigned to do. To achieve such harmonious and fruitful collaboration of all your employees you might consider following certain guidelines.

Do not boss around much

You have seen the people you hired and trusted them with their positions. As a manager you had a chance to read between the lines while the person was answering to your professional questions. So why bother now? You, of course, have to be in touch with everything that is going on in your company and to know how the frontiers are covered in all the departments, however, you do not need to be a “helicopter momma” and serve daily intervention into a well-organized work. Only do so, when you see that some damage is about to be done and prevent it wisely, leader-like.

Time Tracking

The word deadline simply puts a lot of stress. Yet, your team still needs to mind due dates and protocols of finishing the projects. However, things might be done in a much friendlier way. Get creative! Make a timeline telling people about all the tasks and time frames they need to bear in mind. Then turn to a print media and create a flyer inviting people to join the release day, so the due date gets to stick, relying on their visual memory. You are not required to be a top graphic designer to make that happen. There are various apps at your disposal to make a flyer online. Have a look at a graphic design tool Crello. It claims to be the easiest design platform with indeed comprehensive instruments to implement. You are enabled to create various kinds of design ( web, social media, print media, etc.) with no requirement for any prior design background.

Invest in your people

If your team knows that you care not only about how the work goes but also how the people feel along the way, they will be more enthusiastic about showing their best. How to make that happen? Easily! Make sure your employees get a chance to evolve and grow in their direct sphere as well as in those that interconnect with their field of expertise ( courses, webinars, workshops, conferences, etc). Take care of their emotional and physical state. Do not overwork them. Let your team have time for sports meditation, yoga, or simply walk in the park ( we are not talking lunch hours here). 

Build your team

Team Building is crucial if you want to set your employees to go along the planned path. It may not be just simply all play and no work. Incorporate some activities that will not only be about fun, but also add up to some professional value ( brainstorming, problem-solving, critical thinking, etc.) 

Digital tools 

Look for the best startup digital tools to pitch your working flow perfect. Monitor which area takes up the longest to get covered and think of what are the possible ways to optimize it. There are different instruments developed to simplify tasks completion with the results you expect to get ( Trello, Hootsuite, Mailtrack, slack). Some of those offered do not even require much to practice before actually applying it. 

To conclude

Happy, sane, and provided with all the essential equipment, the team will definitely ensure success for your startup and elevate it to the next level of great. Try to follow these ideas and see positive shifts happening.

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