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7 Things You Can Do To Win Over Instagram Followers


Are you having trouble winning over Instagram followers? You’re not alone. You probably expected building an audience to be easy, but have since discovered that your current methods are ineffective. Still, you see thousands of accounts that have enormous audiences, so what is it they are doing that you aren’t?

Instagram users are rightfully picky about who they follow. It’s also possible that when you see your audience grow, it shrinks again the next day because you encountered notorious “follow/unfollowers,” who unfollow your profile as soon as you follow them back. Here are a few things you can do to attract read followers on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world:

Make your content intriguing

You should already have guessed this one, but it’s worth emphasizing. Content is the most significant part of any Instagram campaign, so every post you publish needs to be valuable, whether it is educational, funny, entertaining, or otherwise attention-grabbing.

The first step is figuring out what content appeals to your intended audience. If you run an account that focuses on extreme sports, for instance, then you need to publish well-edited videos of people skydiving and bungee jumping — not poorly shot clips of people falling off bridges from an awkward angle. Show people something that’s worth seeing.

Find your niche

On a related note, you can make your content as compelling as possible, but it won’t appeal to everyone. You’ll stretch yourself too thin trying to create material that everyone finds interesting.

Instead, find your niche. Instagram is chock-full of accounts vying for attention, many of them centered around the same topic. You’re going to have to show people something they’ve never seen before if you want to win them over. For example, instead of extreme sports in general, you could orient your profile around the funny faces people make while doing them.

Network with other users

Don’t try to strike it out on Instagram on your own. Network with other users who compliment your account. Build relationships with people who aren’t your audience members. This route can maximize your exposure and help you tap into existing audiences. While making your content as discoverable as possible through hashtags is necessary, participating in the overall field or industry conversation will improve the chances of people noticing you.

Engage with your audience

It’s essential to engage with your audience as well. Don’t try to act like a person if you run a business account, but let people know that you see and appreciate what they are saying. Respond to comments and answer questions. Make it clear that your audience members’ opinions matter to you. When you interact with a post as a private user, you don’t always care if the poster responds to you or not, but sometimes it’s nice to be recognized.

Buy followers — but not fake ones

If you’re struggling to attract followers, then another option is to buy them. We’re not talking about buying fake followers, though. This practice is unethical and can damage your reputation when people notice that not many people engage with your posts compared to the size of your follower count.

Instead, it’s better to buy followers that are real and capable of interacting with you. Navigating Instagram is a challenge, so connecting with followers through ViralRace can give you a quick boost.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram users love Stories. Many people don’t even scroll through their feeds anymore. Instead, they prefer to watch the content at the top of their screens, which range from well-produced to much more “real.” The thing about Stories is that’s okay — depending on your niche, you can get away with posting eccentric, unedited, real-time videos or candid photos.

Plus, the Stories feature is an opportunity to do just that: tell a story. The posts in your feed may be disconnected from each other, but the segments of your Story can tell a coherent narrative.

Create a branded hashtag

Hashtags are essential. Without them, it’s unlikely that people will be able to find you, especially if they are searching for terms related to your niche. Winning followers over requires categorizing your content in such a way that they can find it.

Create a branded hashtag while you’re at it — one that is uniquely yours that people can search when they want to see your posts and content from other people. These can make your profile feel more official and assist with hosting social media competitions.

It’s not enough to post photos if you want to attract followers on Instagram. How do you approach winning users over?

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