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April 2020 Trading Challenge Featuring The Motley Fool



Now is the time we begin to celebrate April Fools Day with The Motley Fool, with our 2020 April Trading Challenge. The past few competitions have been some of the most interesting competitions yet. They have been full of opportunities to strike big with new strategies, plus the competition is full of great learning opportunities. We are here to keep the fun going through our partnership with The Motley Fool… a top stock adviser in the game, I would say it might be unfair if you use them, so sign up now for The Motley Fool. The Trading Challenges are the best place to test out your new strategy with such a dynamic market today. Sign up, here, for your opportunity to invest virtual cash to win real cash prizes… plus a bonus surprise to celebrate April Fools Day!

For your chance to enjoy your winnings there are a few things you need to be aware of. First the competition starts Monday, April 6th and ends Friday, May 1st. There is no deadline, but I would encourage you to join now for a greater chance to win. Next, all competitors will receive $100,000 in virtual cash when they sign up, your task is to generate as many gains on your portfolio by May 1st. Pretty simple, you can trade cryptocurrencies, ETF, equities, short investments etc. just grow your portfolio to the top!

Now here is where it gets fun… $1,000 in prizes will be awarded to the top three investors for their brilliant strategies, PLUS we have a little surprise for April Fools Day; one random competitor will receive a prize as well. Here is how the money will be awarded…

  • 1st: $500
  • 2nd: $250
  • 3rd: $150
  • ???: $100

*Prize money will be distributed as Amazon gift cards*

Ladies and gentlemen that is $1,000 in prizes… Check out the April 2020 Stock Trading Challenge to win from $1,000 in prizes!

Gain a Competitive Edge

We partnered with The Motley Fool to provide you a bonus opportunity to strike gold. If you want to win the competition and win big in the real market sign up for The Motley Fool. The Motley Fool has been around since 1993 and supports millions of members with financial advise. Since 2002 when they launched their Stock Adviser, The Motley Fool has returned 324% compared to the S&P’s measly 58%. A tool like this will not only help you win this competition, but it will take your investing capabilities to the next level. Take advantage of this opportunity, and sign up today.

Contest Rules

  • Each individual is allowed only one portfolio in any contest
  • Winners will be contacted by email to receive their prize. This must be the email address associated with your account. If you need to change your email address, contact support@wallstreetsurvivor.com
  • Every contest has a starting portfolio value of $100,000 USD, allows only US equities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Day trading and short selling are permitted in all contests
  • 500 max trades per account
  • 25% position limit
  • Margin trading is allowed. 8% interest will be charged on loan balances
  • All winners will be audited, and disqualifications will take place at our team’s sole discretion
  • Winners must claim their prize within 30 days of the results being announced
  • We may ask winners to provide a photo ID upon claiming their prize as part of our auditing process.

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