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Getting Started with Investing? Here are 5 Awesome Resources


Everyone knows that investing is a wise financial move but the process of actually becoming an investor can be quite intimidating due to the obvious financial risk involved. The idea of pouring your hard-earned money into an investment that won’t pay off can be enough to make any novice investor proceed cautiously. If you’re really serious about protecting and building your wealth through sound investments, start by using the five resources listed below to reduce the learning curve and become an expert investor faster:

1. Financeeo

Financeeo is a site that’s geared towards CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, traders, and other financial professionals who are looking for useful guides and blog posts about investing. The site has seen significant growth in recent years, expanding the diversity of its content catalog and covering topics ranging from Forex trading to artificial intelligence.

2. Forbes’ Blog

Forbes is known for regularly publishing a high volume of informative business and investment-related content. Subscribing to their blog is a great way to keep up with trends, explore entrepreneurial ideas, and learn about new kinds of investments. Forbes’ lists also provide an entertaining way to learn about the companies and moguls that are at the top of each industry, which can be useful for emulating the successes of major brands and investors. Forbes is also a great place to find larger lists of resources, like this list of the top 17 value investment blogs.

3. WallStreetSurvivor.com

WallStreetSurvivor.com combines a free stock game, and a library of articles and videos to help beginner investors get started with the stock market. The free stock game is an investment simulation with fake cash, but real-time market data. You can create your own league and compete against colleagues or friends, or you can compete in an existing one. There are also a ton of tools to help beginner investors out. There is a full glossary of investing terms, and educational articles that go over the ins and outs of the market.

4. Yahoo! Finance App

The Yahoo! Finance app and similar investment tracking tools are beneficial for investors of all skill levels because they drastically simplify the process of tracking trends and news related to different stocks and investments. You can create a list of stocks or investments that you want to keep watch over and the app will provide a personalized news feed and price tracking stream.

5. The Money Tree Investing Podcast

The Money Tree Investing Podcast is a popular weekly podcast that every new investor should follow. The show is hosted by a panel of four investing experts who interview a new guest each week on a different topic related to investing, personal finance, and passive income strategy.

Investing is All About Learning

While most people view business and investing as being more exciting than academia and education, in many ways, investing is just a branch of financial learning. Fortunately, with the help of the resources listed above, you can learn advanced investment strategies at a much faster pace than the average self-taught investor.


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