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How to Get a Car Insurance Quote Correctly


Whenever you start looking for options to insure your car, you might encounter many rater questionable things. Insurance companies will request you to provide a lot of information, including personal data. However, you should understand all the risks connected with putting your sensitive data online. One of them is for example identity theft and misuse of your personal information.

Can you get car insurance estimate without personal information?

All depends on what you mean with “personal information”. Any insurance company will ask you for some personal data. Another thing is what data influence the estimate significantly and what data you better keep confidential. So, to get a more or less accurate estimate, you need to inform the company about:

  • The model of your car
  • The age of your car
  • It’s mileage
  • Your age
  • If your car has any safety-features and anti-theft systems
  • And many more things, among which you can find even a question about the colour of your car.

Don’t get surprised or angry if the company asks about your residence location. You might not want to provide a complete address, but your ZIP might be needed. The thing is that insurance requirements are different in different states. So, your location is one of those important factors that influence insurance prices to a significant extent.

However, it is only up to you whether you want to inform the company about your name and surname, the number of credits you have in banks, your exact address and any other sensitive data. Even without them, you will be able to get a rather accurate estimate cost of your insurance.

Where Can You Check Approximate Insurance Cost

You might think now that requesting all the information from many insurance companies is neither convenient nor time-efficient. But we would say that, if you get the first best offer, you might end up paying much more than needed. So, it is better to compare many companies` offers.

However, sending requests, filling in numerous forms and replying to questions, even in a written form, is tiring. To avoid it and to save your valuable time, you can check approximated quotes online, on www.general.com.

  • You select the insurance type, in our case, it is car insurance. Enter your ZIP code. As we have mentioned, requirements to car insurance vary in different states, and what is valid in one state might not work in a different one.
  • Select your age and check whether you are insured or still not yet.
  • Finally, select from the provided options your marital status, and so on.

And that’s it, you can get your quote. Select from the suggested companies those that look more reliable to you, check their reputation online or in relevant bodies. After that, you can request your quote with more particular information from the selected companies only. Like this, you don’t need to send your data to plenty of insurance companies. Save your time, efforts and protect your data from being misused, get a quote online before requesting it directly from a company.

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